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Microgreens Order Form
Living plants and culinary herbs


While this message occurs, please call 206-577-0550 to order. Specify product, quantity, delivery location. Minimum order three trays, 10 by 20 inches. Allow 14 days for delivery; currently available in Snohomish, King, Pierce counties, Washington.

Wholesale Order Form (Standard Trays)


You must create an account before you order. Submit one form for each delivery date. All items ordered on a form must have the same availability (lead time).

Item Quantity ID Product Available* $/Tray
Standard Salad Mix (arugula, broccoli, kale, red cabbage, kohlrabi) 13 days $35.00
Custom Salad Mix 15 days $42.00
Arugula 13 days $35.00
Compact Basil 13 days $35.00
Standard Basil 13 days $35.00
Red Amaranth 15 days $37.00
Purple Sango Radish 15 days $37.00
Hong Vit Radish 15 days $37.00
Red Cabbage 13 days $35.00
Kale 13 days $35.00
English Peas 3" 13 days $35.00
English Peas 5" 15 days $37.00
Alfalfa 13 days $33.00
Wheat Grass 13 days $32.00
Custom Mix 15 days $45.00
*Avallability is determined by three business days order processing plus calculated days required to grow. *Packaged as trays 10 in. by 20 in. or in 6 by 6 inch clamshells, eight per tray equivalent; add $3.25/tray labor and materials. Wholesale pricing is available starting at quantity three trays per week equivalent.

Prepaid Volume Discounts:

  • Three or more trays per week for four weeks, five percent.
  • Six or more trays per week for four weeks, ten percent.
  • Six or more trays per week for four weeks, fifteen percent.
  • Six or more trays per week for thirteen weeks, twenty percent.
  • Discount orders must be prepaid and may not be cancelled.

How to Order

  1. Sign into your consumer or reseller account.
  2. Choose your delivery date. Delivery must be at least the number of days shown under Availability.
  3. Select the product(s) you wish to received. Note that if you are ordering more than one product their availability must be the same.
  4. Click ; the system will compose your order and return it for your acknowledgment along with the calculated price and non-refundable deposit.
  5. Carefully review your order. Revise any errors. When you are satisfied, click to confirm your order. The system will transfer you to our payment processor. Half of the total price is due when you order and is not refundable. (Procedures)
Orders will be reviewed for completeness, product availability and lead time. We will confirm your order by email or contact you if there is any discrepancy.

Policies and Procedures


You must establish an account before ordering. We offer separate and chain accounts. An account or sub-account is required for each point of delivery. Complete our account setup form before ordering.


Deliveries are carefully scheduled and announced based on your own requirements. You must either be present to receive delivery or accept full responsibility for loss of product or of quality from ambient conditions. Additional delivery fees may apply if we must return due to your absence.


For microgreens orders, half of the purchase price is required with your order. The full balance is due upon delivery. Payment may be made in cash or by credit/debit card. Our card processor is Paypal; you do NOT need a Paypal account to pay us, but it saves time on each order if you have one, and it also means we do not record your payment information.

You may cancel an order prior to planting for full refund subject to certain restrictions. Upon planting your deposit becomes non-refundable.


"We, us, our" refer to Garden of Eden Urban Farming and/or its affiliates. "You, your" refer to the buyer.
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