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As of May 2015, membership is limited to staff, students and volunteers. We may soon be able to expand membership to distributors, retailers and others. Thank you for your interest.


Rees Clark ( 14-Feb-2017 )
Interesting view of nine urban vertical farming efforts. LINK

Rees Clark ( 19-Dec-2015 )
Yippee! Member update photos are working.

Michael E. Twiggs ( 19-May-2015 )
I really should post a daily update, or perhaps a nearly daily update!

Rees Clark ( 19-May-2015 )
Yum, strawberries!

Rees Clark ( 14-May-2014 )
Step Two of test.

Rees Clark ( 14-May-2014 )
Testing group membership. Step One.

Team Internet ( 16-Mar-2014 )
Installing new staff profiles. Tweaking member - nonmember permissions. Awaiting new staff mugshots with 'bated breath.

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