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Our Mission and Origin

Garden of Eden Urban Farming's mission is to provide the highest quality organic, nutritional, and flavorful herbs, greens, tomatoes and strawberries, with the best price for consumers. Providing lower transportation time and costs, less spoilage and meeting market demand efficiently all year round, Garden of Eden supplies local grown garden produce to both large scale and small-scale retailers and wholesalers.

In addition, we will provide full time state-of-the-art urban farming job training, offering a transformative skills development model for under-performing young adults, veterans, and unemployed. We will take unskilled young adults and low-skilled workers and give them high tech, 100% green agriculture skills training required for 21st Century food production. This creates local jobs for local residents.

Our strategy is to train young people for adulthood, and to train adult workers for new careers ready to go to work. This year-round job creation process engages us in building the skills, attitudes, knowledge, and experiences that prepare them for both the present and the future.

GOE began as an educational project originated by founder Michael Twiggs and co-sponsored by Maxine Mimms Academy (MMA) and civic groups in Tacoma, WA. We are currently working with non-profits in central Puget Sound, with special emphasis on communities of color. We also work with commercial entities to develop nutritional, fresh, local food options.

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Garden of Eden
Tukwila, WA
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Garden of Eden
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We may be in the garden; please use our contact form

Our Team

Michael Twiggs
Founder, President
Chief Gardening Consultant

Michael Twiggs
Michael Twiggs is a technology professional with both technical and management experience in the manufacturing, telecommunications, banking and education industries. He is the founder and President/CEO of Twiggs & Associates.

His passion is growing fresh fruits and vegetables indoors all year-round. He uses his knowledge of systems design and integration to develop new sustainable business models for food production.


Dr. Rees Clark
Vice-president, Treasurer
Planning and Systems Consultant

color photo of Rees Clark
Rees Clark
Dr. Clark is a former urban planner and university professor, with academic degrees in geography, political science and government.

He has worked in local government in Southern California and Pennsylvania and has taught at Penn State, Villanova, University of Maryland and Colgate University. Since 1980 he has worked full time in computing and data services management. He is a co-founder of Clark Internet Publishing, a developer of web applications for small businesses and non-profits.

He oversees our web-based services and consults with our partners about cooperative online services and hydroponic project development, curriculum and finance.


Dr. Lawrence Adeyemi
Sustainable Development Director

Larry Adeyemi
Dr. Adeyemi has over 20 years of combined academic and practical experience in sustainable development, project design and implementation. He is well known for delivering projects on time and under budget.

He has served as Project Engineer and manager for large-scale agriculture and water supply projects, most recently with Benico Technical Services. His professional work includes water and wastewater industry project management work at Metro/King County.

He has extensive experience with organic farming of large volume vegetables and fruits in Nigeria, West Africa. He is founder of Clean Water for Humanity, which promotes safe water for sustainable agriculture and drinking.

Cecil Stewman
Urban Agriculture Teacher

Cecil Stewman
Mr. Stewman has a Masters in Teaching, over 37 years of teaching in Tacoma public schools. He has a trade and industry certification. He has academic and practical experience in K-12 instruction, sustainable development, project design and implementation. He has extensive experience with organic gardening and gardening systems.


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