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Wondering why YOU should care?
In case you are wondering why we are concerned about the relationship between food and community, you may find the article linked below instructive. The authors connect the dots between industrial farming and both economic and physical health.

They find that our overwhelming reliance on industrial agriculture since World War II has led to serious deficiencies in who eats and what they eat. It can be argued that the poor have worse access to nutrition than at any time since before the dawn of agriculture. Furthermore, the average person even in wealthy societies eats a much less diverse diet with attendant issues arising from unbalanced nutrition leading to the rise of diseases unknown to our ancestors. That is, as the ancients knew—man does not live by rice, maize and wheat alone.

The authors conclude: Industrial agriculture prioritizes production at the expense of a litany of harms..., from poor human health to poor ecosystem health to climate change amplification. It consumes finite inputs without restoring them, depleting natural nutrient cycles and leaving ecosystems bare. This staggering reality makes it clear that our current industrial food system cannot persist. If we want to equitably feed a growing global population without compromising the health of major planetary systems, among other major goals, we must foster a food system based on sustainable practices.

We at GOE would like to suggest there is a better way.

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